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Swavo Heritage Collection Available for Pre-Order from 15.12.18

A personally-inspired Indo-Pak family heritage anthology that comes in a stunning array of bespoke designer pieces.

Our Heritage Collection SS19 gathers it’s ancestral creativity from my mother’s aristocratic lifestyle in Ambala; her chiffonier carries luscious attire and detailed jewellery reflects the iconic Mughal era.

The Traditional Mysore sari, with rich embodiment’s of colour featuring gold-thread hand-embroidered regal elephants, the elaborate malachite fireplace and the exquisite décor represent the beauty, grace and splendour of this collection.

A perfect fit for your resplendent wedding and shingaar; it is with innate sentiment that we bring to you Swavo Heritage Collection SS19.

For more information contact us: or send us a direct message via instagram or facebook messenger.

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